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Institute on Medcine as a Profession
The Institute on Medicine as a Profession aims to set forth a vision for professionalism in the 21st century and to promote that vision through research and policy initiatives. It seeks to promote professionalism as a field and a force. Thus, IMAP will focus research attention on the past, present, and future role of professionalism in guiding individual behavior and collective action, including accountability, transparency, service, and advocacy.

Center for the Study of Society and Medicine
The Center for the Study of Society and Medicine is an interdisciplinary institution, examining the complex interactions between medicine and society. Center faculty use historical, sociological, literary, and philosophical methods to analyze clinical practices and biomedical research to broaden the training for health care professionals. Through an understanding of medicine in its full social and cultural context, the Center works to inform patient care and public policy.

Open Society Institute's Medicine as a Profession Initiative
The Open Society Institute's Medicine as a Profession (MAP) initiative seeks to invigorate the principles of professionalism in medicine to advance trust, quality, and integrity in American healthcare. It strives to reinstill a sense of trust and integrity in the medical profession. Through its grantmaking, MAP has supported efforts by physicians to improve the quality, distribution, and accessibility of health care in the United States.

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